Florida Guides: Facts About Miami That Will Open Your Eyes!

May 5th 2021 in Explore
Florida Guides: Facts About Miami That Will Open Your Eyes!

Facts about Miami are seriously in multitude, and there are some that can drop your jaw to the floor!

However, the ones that we are discussing here are not so intense in nature.

But, these are some serious facts and one of them may even sound strange.

Here's what it is: The sand on Miami Beach was imported from Caribbean Beaches. So, how's that?

While on the other hand, it is a beautiful place decorated with Art Deco buildings. You can take stress-relieving strolls down the thoroughfares of Miami and witness the beauty of Art Deco Buildings.

However, here's one of the surprising facts about Miami: It is 6 - 9 feet above the water level. And therefore, you can't make a basement.

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Facts About Miami That’ll Surprise You!

Population Growth:

One of the facts about Miami is hidden in its population.

What you are able to see now, it was nothing like that back in old days.

Oh... It may start sounding common sense to you, but before it does so quickly, let us tell you one thing.

What we are talking about has the capability of blowing your mind away!

Did you know? Once, there were 1000 people only in Miami.

Yes, Miami has seen that time.

And the fact that it is now a million population-dense is why it's called a magic city.

The rate at which it grew is the reason why it's called “Magic City”.

Imported Sand:

One of the probably known facts about Miami is its sand.

Have you ever been to this place? We doubt not.

When taking a sweet walk along the beach, did you ever look down and think about where did this sand come from?


But here's the fact about it.

The sands in Miami beach are imported.

It is imported from beaches in the Caribbean. In fact, it is reported that a total of $11.5 million were invested in importing the sand.

Art Deco Building in a bulk!

The fact about Miami is that it has the largest collection of Art Deco buildings in the world.

Art Deco buildings are beautiful and attractive. You have probably seen them in movies, series, and games!

We repeat Art Deco buildings are beautiful!

These buildings are quite scenic, and you can find plenty of them near Miami beach.

It is reported that there are over 800 historic Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach.

You can also witness them when taking a stroll down the ocean drive. It's a beautiful scene and a source of refreshing your mind.

You are not allowed (by the nature) to have a basement.

Here is one of the mind-blowing facts about Miami. You are not allowed to have basements.

However, it's not allowed by nature and not the law.

The reason behind it is the water level in Miami.

When you start digging deep into the ground for making a basement, the water starts coming up.

Miami is just 6 to 9 feet above sea level.

See? What Miami's law states come next, what comes first is how nature stops you from making a basement!

Only Major City founded by a woman!

Among many facts about Miami, what remains highlighted is its foundation.

Miami still to this day remains the only major city that was founded by the woman.

Julia Tuttle, who played a major part in its foundation.

What we can call recognition or practical acknowledgment of the city took place in 1896.


There are two facts about Miami that stand out, and one of them is importing its sand from Caribbean beaches.

The second remarkable fact about Miami is the rate at which the population growth shot! Going from 1000 to millions! What are we talking about here?

However, one of the highlighted facts due to the reason that it's foundational in nature is the fact that it is the only major city that was founded by a woman, Julia Tuttle.

But, there is a multitude of facts about Miami that will blow your mind away!

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