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The United States, a land of fifty states, stretches across a vast expanse of North America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean - a testament to the nation's enduring spirit of exploration. Major cities on the Atlantic Coast, such as New York, serve as global hubs for finance and culture, while the capital, Washington D.C., stands as a symbol of democracy and freedom. Meanwhile, the innovative architecture of Chicago and the creative energy of Hollywood in Los Angeles inspire generations of dreamers, creators, and achievers.

Where It All Started

The United States car rental industry holds immense potential, and Finalrentals has partnered with a renowned car industry expert from the USA to showcase this to the world.

Passion in the Culture

American culture is a rich tapestry of social behaviours, institutions, and norms shaped by the country's history, geography, and countless internal and external forces. From speech and literature to music, visual and performing arts, food, sports, religion, law, technology, and other customs and beliefs, American culture is a product of its people's shared experiences.

Many American artists and creators have chosen to make the everyday experiences shared by their fellow citizens their subjects, giving their art a shared shape and substance. The conflict between the values of a mass, democratic, popular culture and those of a refined elite culture accessible only to a few has been a central theme of American art, which has always differed from the top-down model of European civilization.

While the American theatre has faced challenges from new technologies of mass reproduction, it remains a vital form of artistic expression. As a result, American artists continue to create works that inspire and challenge their audiences, contributing to the rich tapestry of American culture that defines the country and its people.

Exploring of Cuisines

America's cuisine represents its incredible diversity. Its culinary arts, similar to those of other Western countries, reflect both native and immigrant cultures. Traditional and iconic American dishes feature ingredients like turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, squash, and maple syrup and foods indigenous to Native Americans and recipes from early European settlers, enslaved Africans, and their descendants. 

The American cuisine's adaptability and inclusivity make it a true melting pot of cultures and a source of inspiration to chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.

Passion of the Attractions

Come and explore the wonders of Florida! Finalrentals has recommended some of the best destinations for you to visit. Experience the vibrant coastal city of Miami or the thrilling theme parks of Orlando, home of Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Other amazing places include Doral, Sarasota, Jacksonville, and Tampa

For those who dream of space and beyond, the Kennedy Space Centre will take you on a journey through history, while SeaWorld offers the unforgettable Shark Encounter. And for golf enthusiasts, Florida is truly a paradise, with its world-famous courses and themed miniature golf complexes at Walt Disney World Resort. 

Discover the breathtaking wonders of Florida, from the sun-kissed beaches of Panama City Beach to the magnificent Biscayne Bay Mansions and the charming town of Chiefland, where you can observe majestic manatees. And remember to marvel at the unique beauty of the Bok Tower Gardens.

What We Can Do

At Finalrentals, we are committed to making renting a car seamless and stress-free experience for you. We stand by our promise to eliminate the intermediary and reduce the hidden fees so you can easily travel. Renting and travelling should be an enjoyable and memorable experience for all our customers. So, join us on this expedition towards hassle-free car rentals and unforgettable journeys.