Florida Explore: 49 Beautiful Places to Visit in Miami!

May 5th 2021 in Explore
Florida Explore: 49 Beautiful Places to Visit in Miami!

Places to visit in Miami are many, but the question is ‘what is your taste?’

Are you a lover of art? Or do you love to take a stroll down the beautiful thoroughfares?

Are you a lover of history, more like a museum rat? Or do you love to smell the beauty of parks?

Does the greenery of gardens attract you more than the hustle and bustle of shopping areas?

Or do you love to drive down the wide and beautiful roads?

Since Miami has such amazing places to visit, the chances of you not finding a spot of your taste is harder than we may think!

Places to Visit in Miami!

1. The Art Deco Historic.

Art Deco is among the colorful places to visit in Miami!

However, realize one thing when you look at its design. After the destruction of the Hurricane of 1962, much of Miami was reconstructed in 'the art deco' stle. It is called Streamline Moderne.

The Streamline Moderne was an architectural movement that was centered around displaying a message of positivity. Representing a message of better times ahead.

A much-needed sentiment after the hurricane of course.

So if you are a lover of History & Art, then this is one of the places to go in Miami.

2. Ocean Drive

A thoroughfare that is mostly known for its art deco buildings.

No doubt, the scene and the beauty of Ocean Drive make it among the 5 Beautiful places to visit in Miami.

Art Deco is a stle that has attracted and gained much media attention for years. It has been featured in series, films, and perhaps even in games.

3. Vizcaya Museum.

Inspired & Influenced by Italian Renaissance models.

A spot among the best places to visit in Miami.

The design and beauty of this landscape were influenced by Veneto and Tuscan Italian Renaissance models.

As for its design, it was crafted in the Mediterranean Revival architecture stle.

Now, Vizcaya property is available and open for the public to see and taste its beauty and design.

A place now opens for the public which was once a villa and estate of James Deering (businessman).

4. Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Pure attention magnet, plain & simple.

It entertained 1,50,000 visitors upon the opening of its new building in the first 4 months in 2013.

For lovers of art, Pérez Art Museum is among the places to see in Miami.

The museum in its first year after the opening of a new building welcomed 2,00,000 visitors.

This was significant progress in its history as it used to entertain 60,000 visitors annually.

At that time, it was operating in its former location. Then the building was designed by Herzog & de Meuron.

After its redesign, it saw an increase in 1,40,000 visitors.

5. Collins Avenue.

It’s a major thoroughfare in southern Florida.

It is home to many art deco buildings, which seems to be the beauty of the infrastructure.

For those who love strolling down beautiful thoroughfares, Collins Avenue may be among the fun places to go in Miami.

This place is also known as a state road. It's a street for main shopping and hotel street.

List of Miami points of Interest.

1. Ocean Drive.

2. Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

3. Miami Squarium.

4. Art Deco Historic District.

5. South Pointe Park Pier.

6. Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.

7. The Bass.

8. Crandon Park.

9. Miami Children's Museum.

10. History Miami Museum.

11. Freedom Tower.

12. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

13. Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science.

14. The Wolfsonian-Florida International University.

15. Wynood Walls.

16. Star Island.Holocaust Memorial.

17. Cape Florida Lighthouse.

18. Coral Castle.

19. Institute of contemporary art.

20. Miracle mile.

21. Museum of Contemporary Art.

22. Amelia Earhart Park.

23. Biscayne Boulevard/

24. Barnacle Historic State Park.

25. The Kampong.

26. Pinecrest Gardens.

27. Thriller Miami Speedboat.

28. Tropical Park.

29. Rickenbacker Causeway.

30. Brickell Key.

31. Brickel Avenue.

32. hibiscus Island.

33. De la Cruz collection.

34. Museum of Grafitti.

Want to see more Miami Tourist attractions or points of interest for a tourist and the populace alike?

1. Locust projects.

2. Venetian Causeway Bridge.

3. Liberty City.

4. Domino Park.

5. Miami-Dade County Courthouse.

6. Flagler Memorial Island.

7. Peacock Park.

8. A.D. Doug Barnes Park.

9. David T. Kennedy Park.

10. The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse.


There are many places to visit in Miami.

Even if you are a person of diverse taste, the chances of not finding a spot of your taste are harder than we may think!

If you are a lover of art, then Art Deco Style buildings have the potential to satisfy that thirst.

If you want to take a stroll down a beautiful thoroughfare, then ocean drive is what you’ll find.

You’ll find museums if you are obsessed with history.

And if you’re more of the quiet one, then parks & gardens are what’ll possibly interest you.